Daily Care

With Biotin, Botanical Extracts & Provitamin B5
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The Daily Care package is our simple shampoo & conditioner combo that lasts between one and two months depending on use. Save when you buy them together!

How it works

Valotin Daily Care includes our popular Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner, enriched with vitamins and plant extracts.

How to use

Valotin Strengthening Shampoo is the first step towards thicker, stronger, more luxurious hair. Massage into the scalp and rinse thoroughly for cleansed and treated hair.

Valotin Strengthening Conditioner is the second step, and it’s lush. Provitamin B5 and biotin soak into the hair shaft and cuticle, leaving it stronger, heavier and more silken. This is a conditioner you’ll want to leave in for as long as you can – you’ll notice the difference.

Have you tried…

For an extra nourishing leave-in step, consider trying Valotin Strengthening Serum. It’s rich in coconut oil and carries stimulating, smoothing and soothing botanicals and vitamins. Or if you’d like to support healthy hair growth with specialized nutrition, try our original Valotin Supplement.


Here’s why you will love it

Valotin’s secret to success is no secret at all. In fact, it’s all spelled out on the ingredients list.

  • Enriched with powerful vitamins
  • Infused with German chamomile, cucumber & green tea
  • Free of parabens, sulfates and cruelty
  • Gentle formula for all hair types
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Professional-grade formula

Every ingredient in the Valotin formula was chosen with care. Learn the story behind the ingredients.


  • Drug-Free

  • No Animal Testing

  • Made In USA


Understanding your hair and its growth process

The hair growth process can be split into three stages – the growing phase, transition phase and resting phase. Understanding the stages of hair growth can help you support your hair’s health and growth potential.


Anagen (Growing Phase):

The hair growth phase usually lasts between two and six years, depending on factors such as genetics, age and health.

Catagen (Transition Phase):

This is the stage when hair makes way for new hair follicles. This transition period usually lasts about 10 days.

Telogen (Resting Phase):

Hair falls out when it is released from the original follicle. The remaining follicle rests for up to three months before starting at the anagen phase.


Harness the vitamins & botanical extracts in Valotin Strengthening Shampoo



Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, helps improve hair quality, including hair thickness and shine. 1

Hydrolyzed Silk

Hydrolyzed Silk

Silk protein adds luster, body, and manageability to hair. It is made from actual silk – one of the strongest fibers you can naturally find.4

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C and E. These three vitamins promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. Aloe vera also increases blood circulation to an area, meaning a scalp massaged with aloe vera might slow hair breakage.4

Panax Quinquefolius (Ginseng) Root Extract

Panax Quinquefolius (Ginseng) Root Extract

Panax ginseng (also known as red ginseng) has shown potential in studies to support the natural hair growth process.5

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So good for bleached hair - Lacy O

As a peroxide blonde, my hair has been through the wringer. I swear my hair thanks me after using the shampoo and conditioner.

  Yes, I would recommend this product

Aloe vera - Alice

So relieved to have found Valotin. I have been looking for aloe vera hair care for months.

  Yes, I would recommend this product

Gift this to your pregnant friends and new moms! Trust me on this one - Zara

A friend gave this to me at my baby shower. Now I make sure to always give Valotin goodies to my pregnant friends. A must have for post-baby hair and plus a special treat for mama

  Yes, I would recommend this product

Boyfriend keeps nagging me to order more hehe - Lyssa

My boyfriend randomly smells my hair now lol he loves it so much.

  Yes, I would recommend this product

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